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12g edge nano reef tank log

I have always been wanting to try my hand at saltwater and decided a nano reef for the bedroom would be delightful! I moved my shrimp and fish from my edge to the 24g lost shrimp city 12g two days ago The shrimps/fish new home (ironically in a proper reef tank) With the former inhabitants in there new home it was time to clean out the tank Added half a …Read More

Dry Start HC (Dwarf Baby Tears) – DSM

Many aquatic plants can be grown emersed rather than submersed.  The main reason to grow a plant immersed is faster growth.  The air around us has an abundance of CO2 which greatly accelerate plant growth.  Hemianthus callitrichoides commonly known as HC or Dwarf Baby Tears is an excellent example of plant that can grow both submersed and immersed. I decided to try out the Dry Start Meathod (DSM) in 6 Gallon …Read More

DIY Planaria Trap

Planaria are non-parasitic flatworm worm that can appear in your aquarium. Planaria are easiest identified  by there flat body and spade shaped heads. Many claim that they are harmless and just an eyesore however that has been claims that they may hurt or stress out baby or week adult shrimp.  The two main way s to get rid of planaria is by chemicals or diy traps.  Traps may not 100% …Read More

Arduino Controlled Dosing Pumps

Aquarium controllers can make your life easier.. especially when it comes to remembering to dose your aquarium.  I recently started a new planted tank and realized how bad my lax dosing schedule was… to fix this i decided to build an arduino based dosing system. Yes it may be overkill.. but I do love automation and building so this seemed like the perfect project! They dosing shield consists of an …Read More

Osaka Forest Tank log

After finding a stellar deal on a 84 Gallon Fluval Osaka 320 I decided to start a new project.  Sadly the tank has a bunch of small scratches that I dint notice until after I had the tank (thats what happens when you buy a tank from photos…at least they arnt to noticeable once it filled with water. I have never been a fan of the generic pet shop backgrounds …Read More

DIY Led Aquarium Night Lights

Led’s make great night lights, especially in an aquarium! The T5HO lights were a little bright for watching movies at night so i decided to dim down night mode using leds. For this project i decided to use a strip of RGB leds so i could pick custom colors and fine tune the look of this tank.   I found a 75′ roll of black thermostat control wire for 3$ …Read More

How to prepare drift wood

Finding interesting pieces of driftwood can help create a stunning under water aqua scape. The first thing you will need to do is find some interesting wood.  Drift wood can be picked up from a local pet store or scavenged from local oceans or streams. If you are driftwood hunting in nature be sure your wood is a hardwood as softwoods such as pine will decompose far to quickly in …Read More

How to Dirt an aquarium

All great planted tanks start with the right substrate. In a high tech tank one generally injects C02 and add nutrients to through root tabs or liquid fertilizers.  In a low tech tank one uses dirt as a sources of nutrients for plant growth.  I am a fan of low tech as it reduces the added work of daily or weekly doing of ferts.   In my tank I choose to …Read More

DIY Breeding Mop

Egg laying fish love to spawn in live plants. One of the common way to mimic these plants is the use of yarn. Be sure to pick a dark colored acrylic yarn as it will not break down in the water over time. I generally pick green since it best mimics actual plants. Alot of egg scattering tetras and danios tend to eat the eggs after the span which can …Read More