Do you want to Win a JellyFish Tank?

ReefDudes YouTube Channel has finally hit 1k subscribers!!!! I’m super excited and want to thank all of you who follow up updates and aquarium projects. To celebrate i’m giving away a JellyFish Art nano tank!   If you guys want to win you own tank check out the video and video description on youtube for complete contest details.  Open to USA/Canada.

Good luck to all who enter!

DIY Jelly Tool – Spot feeding and Cleaning tool

I have received a lot of questions around my jelly fish tool.. so here it goes.

This ‘tool’ helps you spot feed and clean the bottom of the tank with out getting your hands wet, sounds wonderful right?  well it is and it only cost a couple of bucks to build.

I feel this tool and the 30 seconds of use it gets a day will go a long way in maintaining pristine water and reducing maintenance in my Moon Jellyfish tank.

So what does one need?

12″ Lee’s 3/16″ hard air line
Some silicone airline tubing
10ml or larger dosing syringe
But how does it all work? well hit play and find out!  If you have any questions feel free to post them below.


Jelly Fish Nano Tank log P2: The Jellys have arrived!

After letting the tank cycle for about 5-6 week’s it was time order my Jellyfish. I had they overnight…however there was of course an issue with the shipper and they poor guys ended up taking an extra night.   I had been eagerly watching for the magic postal fairy for 2 days…..   then finally it happened.. they arrived!

The poor guys must have been frozen.. the bag water was 3-4 degrees when i opened it… i knew a very slow acclimation was key to their success…. for the next 5-6 hours the jellys sat in their shipping bag on my desk to slowly bring them up to room temperature..    Once the water was about 15C i slowly started to mix tank water into the shipping bag.. I moved a ladle full every 20-30 minutes to allow the moon jelly fish time to adjust


2 hours later they were in the tank… at first there wasn’t much moment… over the next 24h they slowly started to move and pulse as they adjusted to their new home.

Its now the morning of day 3: 2 of the jellys are happily pulsing around.  one of them had a tear in the bell which already looks to be healing up!  (these guys are amazing at repairing them selves! )   2/3 are good to go!

The last one is fully open and floating around.. i see a bit of movement in the oral arms.. but not pulsing as of yet.. hopefully soon.
Thats all for now.. check back soon for the next update.

Jelly Fish Nano Tank log

Earlier this summer I won a Jelly Fish Art nano cylinder tank…. and to my excitement it finally showed up!  I have always loved jelly fish and am excited to try them

The tank it self is esteticay pleasing. A tiny very quiet air pump provides gentle flow for the tank. The led in the Bottom will light up the jellyfish and make them glow.

I added the sponge from the rear chamber to my large reef tank to help seed it with bacteria. 

For some added filtration I think I’m going to add in some marine pure from the large tank.  Stay tuned for more updates!