Jelly Fish Nano Tank log

Earlier this summer I won a Jelly Fish Art nano cylinder tank…. and to my excitement it finally showed up!  I have always loved jelly fish and am excited to try them

The tank it self is esteticay pleasing. A tiny very quiet air pump provides gentle flow for the tank. The led in the Bottom will light up the jellyfish and make them glow.

I added the sponge from the rear chamber to my large reef tank to help seed it with bacteria. 

For some added filtration I think I’m going to add in some marine pure from the large tank.  Stay tuned for more updates!


  • The tank looks awesome! I am tempted to get one for the kitchen, I have been pretty focused on my Betta’s lately but really considering another new smaller tank like this in the year.

    Please do keep us updated and look forward to seeing the next video.

    Best wishes for 2017!

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