IM Fusion 30L 5 month update

I’m far to overdue for an update!  Its been about 5-6 months and the reef is flourishing. Far to good.. infact the tank is overrun with coral (mostly because i keep adding them).  Next summer i’m planning on doing a 5.5-6′ shallow reef.. so i’m slowly stockpiling!

Here is a video update of the tank:


And for fun I also made a video at night with the Blue UV lights. the UV coral really pops.. kind of like a black light party!


Slightly older but nice shot of the tank 🙂






Previous update (9 weeks)


  • Your fish tank looks awesome! I love your aquascaping, you’ve given me a few ideas for my next reef I’ll be setting up soon. Flame angels are one of my favorite fish, I like seeing people successfully keeping them in a reef without having them eat their corals.

    • They are beautiful fish.. I have only ever seen the flame pick at the pocillopora which i didnt overly care for so no biggy. Check out my 6′ shallow reef build post.. I just posted a video of the start of my newest auqascape 🙂

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