Nano reef marine fish

As I’m starting my first nano saltwater tank I have been on an endless quest to find the perfect “nano fish” for my little reef.  In efforts to make everyone life easier I decided to build a guide of nano tank friendly fish.. My mini reef is going to be built inside of a 12G fluval edge.My main goal is to find fish around 2″ or less that will work in a nano tank.  If you have any suggestions or additions leave me a note in the comments

Side note: this page will be for ever growing as i discover more interesting nano fish ill update the site.. with out further ado we shall start off with my first fish:

Yellow Clown Goby
These cute little guys are a nice bright yellow, and fairly active.  They grow to a maximum of 1.5″ adn are very peaceful.  Its recommended to have a tank that is a minimum of 10G.
Having now had one for a few weeks, they are extremely cute but picky eaters. So far mine only really likes to eat mysis.  The only other downfall is they may nip at the polyps on SPS corals.



Green Clown Goby

Green Clown Gobys are another small nano fish that will only grow to about 1 3/4″ They are fairly peaceful and will be happy in a tank 10G or larger.  Their diet is similar to the YCG above and enjoy meaty foods such as mysis, brine shrimp and other frozen foods.




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